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The only Detox Tea that blends the top 5 intense ingredients

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It only takes 1 cup per day as Booty Tea blends 5 of the most intense ingredients. *

Why Booty Tea?

A Unique Formula proven to be more
effective than any other Detox Tea *

Each little teabag contains an intense blend of hand picked ingredients. Together they pack a punch! There’s no nasty laxatives so your body will love it as much as you do.

One Tea Bag,
Once a Day *

BootyTea is so easy to work into your daily routine - have your cup any time of the day you like. No need to worry if you end up with some last minute evening plans!

Receive A Free Workout &
Diet Plan unique to Booty Tea *

We have done all the hard work for you. Just follow the simple guide to getting the body of your dreams. You can even ditch expensive gym fees, workout from the comfort of your home.

Unlike Other Detox Tea drinks, Booty Tea
Tastes like Heaven *

Just a light, refreshing drink that you will look forward to every day. Hot outside? Let it cool and add some ice cubes to change things up

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It tasted so good I ended up looking forward to mine each morning! I felt so much lighter during the 28 days and I lost 4kg without changing my eating habits at all - I always felt full and satisfied. My stomach was so much flatter, just in time for my sister’s wedding. *

- Shelly Watson

Wow wow wow! This definitely left me feeling cleansed and full of energy. My stomach is so much flatter and I dropped 2 dress sizes in just 4 weeks. I’m so glad I found it, for the first time in years I am actually excited to wear my bikini on holiday. *

- Gertrude Dunn

After trying every diet and exercise plan in the book I was getting frustrated because nothing was working. Then my friend suggested BootyTea and I haven’t looked back. We got the BFF pack, it was so great having her to lean on for support and we had fun cooking for each other (the ebook has amazing recipes!) This tea is now part of my daily routine, and I’ve lost 2 stone in just under 3 months. *

- Kristen Fowler

I was so worried about fitting into my party dress last Christmas. With just three weeks to go I needed to drop a dress size and flatten my tummy area fast. The BootyTea plan was so easy to follow, just one cup per day and a really helpful ebook with simple exercises and recipe ideas. The results were amazing, people kept asking what my secret was! *

- Ellen Hart

As a busy Mum I don’t have time to go to the gym and I was really struggling to shift my baby weight. I decided to give BootyTea a try and I am so happy I did. I am back in my old skinny jeans and I feel amazing. The exercise tips are excellent too, I can do it all from home when my kids are in bed. My body looks more toned than ever. *

- Yvonne Lawson